Jump Starts Counseling

For Growing Families

Are you ready for some changes in your life?

Where are you in your journey? How do you think about yourself, your partner, and your relationship? Are you emotionally prepared for the changes that come with being parents at the start, and through the stages of your children’s development?

Babies and young children are bright eyed, discovering the world – and take you on a journey back to when you were a child – memories, hopes, dreams, and disappointments. Are you ready to put a little person first, ahead of your desires while balancing demands of a career and other responsibilities?

Parenting is one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs you are likely to have in your life. If you are thinking about becoming parents, expecting your first, or having another child; or are currently experiencing challenges – asking for help is the first step in growing healthy family relationships.

Did you know that more than half of all pregnancies are unplanned? Many couples previously discussed feelings about having children before they got married, while others planned to address this further down the road. Whether the news is greeted joyously, or with mixed, or negative feelings – this is an emotional time for both of you. This is an opportunity to learn how you can support, negotiate, problem solve, and stay connected through all the stages in your growing family’s life.

Are you aware that pregnancy ranks number 12 out of 43 items on the American Institute of Stress, Stressful Life Events Scale? Having a baby changes your life in many ways – One constant is “change.” From the time of conception Mothers and Fathers experience physical and emotional changes, and adjust differently to their new roles and responsibilities.

As a therapist I am passionate about young families, and specialize in helping couples prepare emotionally to meet the changing emotional needs of babies, toddlers, young children while taking care of themselves, and their relationship.